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The remaining documents are related to the work of the Royal Prussian Calendar Deputation and were written between and In this paper we describe, commentate, and transliterate all the documents of this 'Kalender-Konvolut'. Argues that the thesis of discrimination against girls in coeducation schools has been replaced by a belief that, during certain phases or in specific subjects, abandonment of coeducation would promote equal opportunities. Questions whether classic or recent surveys provide empirical evidence for this moderate skeptical attitude towards….

Ergebnisse einer Lehrerbefragung zum Hintergrund des Englischunterrichts in der Hauptschuloberstufe Results of a Teacher Questionnaire on the Background of Instruction in English in the Upper Grades of the Hauptschule [9-grade "terminal" school]. The questionnaire dealt with: Some evaluations are appended.

Schrifttumsrecherche zum Festigkeitsverhalten von Faserverbundwerkstoffen-Analyse des Standes der Technik- ,. Number of where intralaminar cracks ha! Immersion und Bilingualer Unterricht: Informationshefte zum Lernen in der Fremdsprache. Immersion and Bilingual Education: Publications on Learning in a Foreign Language. This bibliography lists publications concerned with bilingual education and immersion programs and how they are used in and outside of Canada.

In the beginning, an overview is provided of publications from related disciplines that have brought crucial recognition to the fields of bilingual and immersion education. Reports on the introduction of video recorders at various branches of the Goethe Institute. The characteristics of video are compared with those of films, tapes and printed matter. Video's advantage is that through it authentic, unprepared material can be presented, and it provides strong motivation. Literaturunterricht als Erziehung zum "rationalen Handeln.

Using Richard Wright's novel "Black Boy" as a model to work on, the author illustrates a 4-dimensional approach to the teaching of foreign literature: Reports on an hour teaching project with students at a teachers' college. Four Baldwin texts were used. Questions considered included whether Baldwin's treatment of the race problem reveals any changes or shifts of emphasis. Suggestions are made for adaptation to teaching in grades This study was cross-sectional and authors surveyed educational services at ZUMS.

Data analysis was performed by…. Dieser Beitrag ist ein Auszug aus [Lev95b].

Botulism is one of the most important bird diseases world-wide and is caused by the intoxication with Botulinum-Neurotoxin-C1 BoNt-C1 , which is produced by toxigenic clostridia under appropriate conditions. Avian botulism leads regularly to large losses among the migrating bird populations breeding and resting at the saltwater pools of the Austrian national park Neusiedler See-Seewinkel. Despite of its ethical dubiousness and its high technical expense the mouse-bioassay is still used as the routine standard method for the detection of BoNt-C1. In order to estimate the BoNt-C1 production potential the methods were tested with sediment samples from different saltwater pools subjected to cultivation conditions appropriate for in vitro BoNt-C1-production.

With the mouse-bioassay, 52 out of 77 samples were found to have a positive toxin production potential. Describes work at an American college with students who are receiving an introduction to colloquial German. Role-playing and picture stories prove useful in learning, in both productive and receptive aspects. Describing a picture on three levels--factual, psychological and contemplative--is shown to be very useful. Physik gestern und heute: Visualisierung mit der Schlierenmethode. A Course on Reconfigurable Processors. Reconfigurable computing is an established field in computer science. Teaching this field to computer science students demands special attention due to limited student experience in electronics and digital system design.

This article presents a compact course on reconfigurable processors, which was offered at the Technische Universitat Darmstadt,…. The didactic concept includes sophisticated…. Science and Technology Libraries Section. Papers on science and technology library and information services presented at the International Federation of Library Associations IFLA conference include: Juni , Berlin, Germany from the 21st until the 26th of July Empowering Indigenous Languages and Cultures: Working in Latin America for several decades to address the educational needs of poor and indigenous groups, the GTZ Gesellschaft fur Technische Zusammenarbeit has helped to develop the knowledge base of intercultural bilingual education.

The goal of this article is to analyze Germany's impact from the mids to the present as the GTZ has…. CAD in der Praxis. The Technical Information Library: The Technische Informationsbibliothek Hannover TIB is the German national central library for all areas of technology and related sciences, especially chemistry, computer science, mathematics, and physics. The TIB acquires and makes available a comprehensive collection of conventional and non-conventional literature, especially foreign material, with particular emphasis on specialized new publications which are difficult to obtain or in difficult languages.

The authors believed that it might lay the foundations for technical literacy. The paper is about how the situation of the subject and, with it, technical education has developed since…. This article reconstructs women's entry into the architecture classrooms of Germany's " Technische Hochschulen," which were, and remain, the nation's primary institutions for training architects.

Created in the s and '70s to supply an industrializing nation with well-educated engineers and building officials, these elite colleges…. This study is set in the rapidly changing higher educational environment that has ensued in Serbia and Montenegro in the post Milosevic era. Probleme aus der Physik. Das beliebte Arbeitsbuch "Probleme aus der Physik" bietet nun auch zur Neu hinzugekommen ist ein Kapitel zur nichtlinearen Dynamik.

Meilensteine in der Erforschung der kompakten Objekte. Neutronensternen wird der Gravitation der Quantendruck eines Elektronengases bzw. Ein solches Gas besteht aus Elektronen bzw. Neutronen, die auf ihr niedrigstes Energieniveau zusammengepresst wurden. Durch die daraus resultierende hohe Bewegungsenergie der Fermionen wird der sogenannte Quantendruck erzeugt. Die Basis hierzu bildet eine abgestimmte und auf die strategischen Unternehmensziele ausgerichtete Architektur und Vorgehensweise.

Von Donuts und Zucker: BRUK-sih- zum , which is grinding your teeth while you sleep. Grinding stretches the muscles and joints in your mouth Getting Fitted for and Wearing a Payload specialist Wubbo Ockels in new sleeping restraint. Ockels proposed this concept of sleeping facility and the actual hardware was developed by the Technisch Natur Wetenschappelyk Onderzoek TNO , a Dutch government organization.

Grundlagen der zeichnerischen Darstellung. Man verwendet dazu eine geometrisch gestufte Zahlenfolge siehe Teil Mathematik. Das ist nicht nur technisch sinnvoll. A wiggler has been utilized to thin stainless steel anode plate, field shaping Kawamura, Dept rf and K.

Transition delay or even suppression has its merits not only in. Company Decontamination Systems Compagnieontsmettingssystemen. TNO Fysisct en Elektronisch Abstract Two-way satellite time and frequency transfer TWSTFT is one of the leading techniques for remote comparisons of atomic frequency standards These achievements are due to the fact that many delay variations of the transmitted signals cancel out in TWSTFT because of the.

A short survey is given of the problems being studied in the Institute for Radiation Biology in the Technische Hochschule in Hannover. Extensive data are presented on a method of studying the effect of ionizing radiation on plant cells with the aid of UV microspectroscopy.

From the change in UV absorption in ranges of a few mu , conclusions can be drawn as to the probability of primary ionizations in protein molecules and nucleic acids. To retrieve information about this Social -Cogni- tive Development. Effecten van vermoeidheid als functie van soort taak en sociale omgeving. Dabei erlaubt der schnelle Wechsel zwischen den unterschiedlichen Beobachtungsarten z. Damit kann dann u. Bei der Landessternwarte Heidelberg lag die Leitung des Projekts. Mikrodaten und statistische Auswertungsmethoden.

Dies gilt sowohl aus methodischer als auch aus empirischer, anwendungsorientierter Sicht. Zahlreiche Publikationen von Mitgliedern der DStatG haben entscheidend zum kritischen Diskurs und zum wissenschaftlichen Fortschritt in diesem Bereich beigetragen. Standardization Today and Tomorrow. Safety standards serve to protect life, health and material goods and so, for the field of technology, express the requirements laid Entscheidung zum Arbeitsschutzmanagement Decision on industrial safety management http: Sizing Determination Final Report.

Am Empfangsort setzt z. Anmerkungen zum Balassa - Samuelson -Effekt, Nr. A Classical Argument for Distributional Equality. Mobile Number Portability in Europe. Theoretische und wirtschaftspolitische Aspekte der internatio- nalen However, the argument is slightly more complex. Elasticities The above arguments suggest that it is more difficult to gain market share in the presence of switching costs, as undercutting needs to be. Unanimous Constitutional Consent and the Immigration Problem.

Their main argument is that the contradiction between collective coercion and individual freedom cannot be dissolved at the The Case of Landfills. Besides the efficiency aspect an argument of justice is Clinical investigation of vestibular damage by antituberculous drugs. Vestibular function testing was done regularly on the cases given streptomycin, kanamycin, or enviomycin and a method to detect the cases of vestibular dysfunction at an early stage was discussed, as well as the time these drugs should be discontinued.

Subjects were 85 cases of tuberculosis treated with streptomycin, kanamycin, or enviomycin who were admitted to our hospital from December to May The method of equilibrium examination performed at regular intervals is as follows: After the 3 months these tests were done once a month. Eight cases of vestibular damage due to streptomycin or enviomycin could be easily detected at an early stage by performing Meyer zum Gottesberge's head-shaking test, together with the standing test and the stepping test.

Vestibular dysfunction is apt to occur after about 1 month or within a month from the start of daily injections especially with streptomycin. Therefore, the method of equilibrium examination, we suggest, is that the Meyer zum Gottesberge's head-shaking test, the standing test Romberg test , and the stepping test should be performed once a week during the first month after the start of this drug. Umsetzung der Unternehmensstrategie mit der Balanced Scorecard.

Das entscheidende Merkmal der Balanced Scorecard ist dabei, dass sie ein ausgewogenes System strategischer Ziele herstellt, welches das Unternehmen hinsichtlich der vier Perspektiven Finanzen, Kunden, interne Prozesse und Mitarbeiter und Potenziale strategisch ausrichtet Kaplan u. Die Diagnose ist dabei auf der Basis von Anamnese und klinischem Befund zu stellen.

Weitere apparative Untersuchungen sind bisher besonderen Fragestellungen vorbehalten.

Translation of «Knoblauchsalz» into 25 languages

Die Erkrankung ist chronisch progredient mit individuell unterschiedlichem und nicht vorhersehbarem Verlauf. Die Energiewirtschaft nutzt seit je her digitale Strukturen zur Umsetzung ihrer Prozesse. Dabei ist die digitale R Evolution keine rein technische Umsetzung, sondern insbesondere auch eine unternehmensinterne, strategische und intern-kulturelle Herausforderung.

Gleichzeitig muss diese selbst so nachhaltig, d. Daneben sind weitere Eigenschaften von Bedeutung, die sich einer einfachen objektiv-technischen Beschreibung entziehen. In what follows we present several arguments against a simplistic, systematic explanation of the BNL and PTB data fluctuations in terms of Long-term comparisons between two-way satellite and geodetic time transfer systems.

A comparison of calibrated links at the U. Naval Observatory, Washington, D. Both laboratories used thermal detectors as reference standards. A novel temperature-controlled, optical-trap detector was used as a transfer standard to compare two reference standards. Measurement results showed differences of less than 1.

Instandhaltungsmanagement als Gestaltungsfeld Ganzheitlicher Produktionssysteme. Ganzheitliche Produktionssysteme sind dabei in ihren Grundlagen an das Toyota Produktionssystem angelehnt, vereinigen aber auch weitere Methoden zu einem unternehmensspezifischen Regelwerk. Grundlegende Steuerungsverfahren im heterogenen Logistiknetz mit Kanban. In vielen Unternehmen werden heterogene verschiedene Steuerungen in einem abgestimmten Konzept kombiniert. Die wesentliche Fragestellung sollte folglich lauten: Warum ist der Ablauf nicht mit einer einfachen Steuerung wie Kanban abzubilden?

Nanomeasuring and nanopositioning engineering. The paper describes traceable nanometrology based on a nanopositioning machine with integrated nanoprobes. The operation of a high-precision long range three-dimensional nanopositioning and nanomeasuring machine NPM-Machine having a resolution of 0,1 nm over the positioning and measuring range of 25 mm x 25 mm x 5 mm is explained.

An Abbe offset-free design of three miniature plan mirror interferometers and applying a new concept for compensating systematic errors resulting from mechanical guide systems provide very small uncertainties of measurement. The machines are operating successfully in several German and foreign research institutes including the Physikalisch- Technische Bundesanstalt PTB , Germany. The integration of several, optical and tactile probe systems and nanotools makes the NPM-Machine suitable for various tasks, such as large-area scanning probe microscopy, mask and wafer inspection, nanostructuring, biotechnology and genetic engineering as well as measuring mechanical precision workpieces, precision treatment and for engineering new material.

Various developed probe systems have been integrated into the NPM-Machine. The measurement results of a focus sensor, metrological AFM, white light sensor, tactile stylus probe and of a 3D-micro-touch-probe are presented. Single beam-, double beam- and triple beam interferometers built in the NPM-Machine for six degrees of freedom measurements are described. This so-called Planck-Balance PB uses the physical approach of Kibble balances that allow the Planck constant to be derived from the mass. Using the PB no calibrated mass standards are required during weighing processes any longer, because all measurements are traceable via the electrical quantities to the Planck constant, and to the meter and the second.

This allows a new approach of balance types after the expected redefinition of the SI-units by the end of In contrast to many scientific oriented developments, the PB is focused on robust and daily use. Therefore, two balances will be developed, PB2 and PB1, which will allow relative measurement uncertainties comparable to the accuracies of class E2 and E1 weights, respectively, as specified in OIML R Im Allgemeinen lassen sich zwei Hauptziele unterscheiden. Letztere werden in erster Linie dort eingesetzt, wo das Implantat in direktem Kontakt mit Blut ist.

Hierbei muss eine gute Verankerung im Gewebe vorhanden sein, um ein Verrutschen des Implantates zu verhindern. Zum direkten Vergleich mit konventionellen Angiographien wurde ein Verfahren zur automatischen Generierung von Projektionsansichten aus den CT-Daten entwickelt. Einsteins Spuren in den Archiven der Wissenschaft: Insbesondere die Pionierarbeiten werden inzwischen als bekannt vorausgesetzt und nicht mehr explizit zitiert.

Die Grundlagen der Fernsehtechnik: Thematische Einheiten erweitern den Wissensstoff - u. Plattformbasierte Dienste als technologische Notwendigkeit im disruptiven Marktwandel. IT wird dabei mehr und mehr zum Wettbewerbsfaktor. In diesem Zusammenhang erweisen sich die daten- und entwicklungsspezifischen Synergieeffekte plattformbasierter Dienste als zentraler Mehrwert einer innovationsgetriebenen strategischen Marktpositionierung und damit als technologische Notwendigkeit. In ihren elektronischen Eigenschaften verhalten sie sich entweder wie Halbleiter oder wie metallische Leiter.

Bock JM et al. Evaluation of the natural history of patients who aspirate. Imagineering the astronomical revolution - Essay review. I Transmitting knowledge - words, images, and instruments in early modern Europe. Kusukawa and Maclean eds. Titelbilder und ihre Funktionen in der wissenschaftlichen Revolution. Lefevre, Renn and Schoepflin eds.

Meroi and Pogliano eds. Polynomials with Restricted Coefficients and Their Applications. To estimate the right These random polynomials represent the deviation in frequency response of a linear , equispaced antenna array cauised by coefficient. Large-scale hydrological modelling in the semi-arid north-east of Brazil. Die Grenzen der Anwendbarkeit des Modell- konzepts zeigen sich am deutlichsten in Teilgebieten mit Abflusskomponenten aus tieferen Grundwasserleitern, deren Dynamik ohne Kalibrierung nicht zufriedenstellend abgebildet werden kann.

Die Modellanwendungen zeigen weiterhin: Ein Skalierungsfaktor in der. Die Landschaften Mitteleuropas sind das Resultat einer langwierigen Geschichte menschlicher Landnutzung mit ihren unterschiedlichen, z. Quantensprung Digitalisierung - Energiewirtschaft im Energieversorger, die sich dem Wandel nicht stellen, drohen den Anschluss zu verpassen. In Deutschland werden jedes Jahr etwa 6.

Dies kann beispielsweise bei einer nicht korrigierbaren angeborenen Fehlbildung notwendig sein, bei der lediglich eine funktionelle Herzkammer vorhanden ist z. Hierbei muss eine prothetische Verbindung zur Lungenstrombahn in der Folgezeit entfernt werden. Distortions caused by the neutron spectrum and scattered neutrons are major problems in fast neutron radiography and should be considered for improving the image quality. Good analysis results prove the sound effects of the above two corrections.

KNOBLAUCHSALZ - Definition and synonyms of Knoblauchsalz in the German dictionary

In the course of setup modifications and re-measuring of several dimensions, the correction factors have been re-evaluated in this work. The correction factors for scatter and attenuation have been recalculated using the Monte Carlo software package EGSnrc, and a new expression has been found for the divergence correction. The obtained results decrease the measured reference air kerma rate by approximately 0. Wir lernen einige wichtige Werkstoffeigenschaften kennen.

Carrier-phase two-way satellite frequency transfer over a very long baseline. The precision achieved was so high that the effects of ionospheric delay became significant; they are ignored in conventional TWSTFT even over a long link. We compensated for these effects using ionospheric delays computed from regional vertical total electron content maps. Hydrogel research in Germany: The priority programme "Intelligent Hydrogels" was established by the German Research Foundation DFG in in order to strengthen the hydrogel-related research in Germany.

Cu of the activity measurements of the radionuclide 64Cu. The value of the activity submitted was about 9. To reach the main text of this paper, click on Final Report.

We provide the results from a spectral analysis of nuclear decay experiments displaying unexplained periodic fluctuations. The analyzed data was from 56Mn decay reported by the Children's Nutrition Research Center in Houston, 32Si decay reported by an experiment performed at the Brookhaven National Laboratory, and Ra decay reported by an experiment performed at the Physikalisch- Technische -Bundesanstalt in Germany. All three data sets possess the same primary frequency mode consisting of an annual period. Additionally a spectral comparison of the local ambient temperature, atmospheric pressure, relative humidity, Earth-Sun distance, and the plasma speed and latitude of the heliospheric current sheet HCS was performed.

Experimental investigation of a newly designed supersonic wind tunnel. Conventional measurement techniques were utilized. The flow development is examined by pressure sensors installed at various streamwise positions. The temperature is measured in the storage tube and the settling chamber. The influence of flow treatment in the settling chamber on the flow quality is also studied. The flow quality of test section is evaluated by a 6-probe Pitot rake.

The pressure fluctuations in the test section are studied by a sharp cone model. Eventually, good agreement between the measurements and numerical simulation of the tunnel design is achieved. Predicting water suppy and actual evapotranspiration of street trees. It's well known that street trees cool air temperature in summer-time by transpiration and shading and also reduce runoff. However, it's difficult to analyse if trees have water shortage or not. This contribution focus on predicting water supply, actual evapotranspiration, and runoff by using easily available climate data precipiation, potential evapotranspiration and site characteristics water retention, space, sealing degree, groundwater depth.

Results give statements on water supply of trees, drought stress, and additional water demand by irrigation. Procedure also analyse, to which extent the surrounding partly sealed surfaces deliver water to the trees. Four representative street canyons of Berlin City were analysed and evaluated within in training program for M. We report the initial results of a recent bilateral comparison of linewidth or critical dimension CD calibrations on photomask line features between two national metrology institutes NMIs: For the comparison, a chrome on glass CoG photomask was used which has a layout of line features down to nm nominal size.

Different measurement methods were used at both institutes. On the isolated opaque features, we found agreement of the CD measurements at the 3 nm to 5 nm level on most features - usually within the combined expanded uncertainties of the measurements. This is a very good ratio showing that we could attract the young generation. There have been oral and poster presentations. It is our pleasure to thank the members of the International ICSMA Committee for their valuable help, especially for proposing and choosing the 18 plenary speakers. We would like to express our thanks to all referees for their efficient and prompt efforts.

Cross sections for ionization of tetrahydrofuran by protons at energies between and keV. Double-differential cross sections for ionization of tetrahydrofuran by protons with energies from to keV were measured at the Physikalisch- Technische Bundesanstalt ion accelerator facility. Single-differential and total ionization cross sections have been derived by integration. The experimental results are compared to the semiempirical Hansen-Kocbach-Stolterfoht model as well as to the recently reported method based on the dielectric formalism. The comparison to the latter showed good agreement with experimental data in a broad range of emission angles and energies of secondary electrons.

The scaling property of ionization cross sections for tetrahydrofuran was also investigated. Compared to molecules of different size, the ionization cross sections of tetrahydrofuran were found to scale with the number of valence electrons at large impact parameters.

The detection system is made up of twelve 3He tubes inserted into a polyethylene cylinder. In this paper, the experimental setup and the data analysis method are described. The evolution of the absolute DN yields as a function of the neutron incident beam energies are presented and compared to experimental data found in the literature and data from the libraries. Reduction of the uncertainty of the PTB vacuum pressure scale by a new large area non-rotating piston gauge.

The operational procedure and the uncertainty budget for pressures between 30 Pa and 11 kPa are given. Comparisons between the FRS5 and a mercury manometer, a rotary piston gauge and a force-balanced piston gauge are described. We show that the reproducibility of the calibration values of capacitance diaphragm gauges is enhanced by a factor of 6 compared with a static expansion primary standard SE2. Improvements of the SE2 performance by reducing the number of expansions and smaller uncertainties of expansion ratios are discussed.

Traceable terahertz power measurement from 1 THz to 5 THz.

Meaning of "Knoblauchsalz" in the German dictionary

The Terahertz detector calibration facility is equipped with a standard detector calibrated against a cryogenic radiometer at this frequency. In order to extend this service to a broader spectral range in the THz region a new standard detector was developed. This detector is based on a commercial thermopile detector.

Its absorber was modified and characterized by spectroscopic methods with respect to its absorptance and reflectance from 1 THz to 5 THz and at the wavelength of a helium-neon laser in the visible spectral range. This offers the possibility of tracing back the THz power responsivity scale to the more accurate responsivity scale in the visible spectral range and thereby to reduce the uncertainty of detector calibrations in the THz range significantly. Motivating first-year university students by interdisciplinary study projects. The didactic concept includes sophisticated task design, individual responsibility and a differentiated support system.

Using a self-determination theory framework, this study examined the effects of the projects based on survey findings from two projects with more than students. The results showed that the projects were successful in fulfilling students' basic psychological needs and in promoting students' academic engagement.

Basic psychological needs were found to be significant predictors of academic engagement. These findings suggest that interdisciplinary study projects can potentially contribute to improving higher education as they fulfil students' basic psychological needs for competence, relatedness and autonomy and enhance students' academic engagement. Die Brennstoffzelle hat aus technischer Sicht einen hohen Stand erreicht. Auf Proteinjagd in der T-Zelle: Sie lohnt sich aber: Ein interessantes Forschungsobjekt sind die T-Zellen, die das Immunsystem steuern.

Internet discussion forums as part of a student-centred teaching concept of pharmacology. The world wide web opens up new opportunities to interconnect electronic and classroom teaching and to promote active student participation. In this project article we describe the use of internet discussion forums as part of a student-centred teaching concept of pharmacology and discuss its advantages and disadvantages based on evaluation data and current literature.

Evaluation results of forum participants and elective students demonstrated a learning benefit of internet forums in pharmacology teaching. Internet discussion forums offer an easy-to-implement and effective way to actively engage students and increase the learning benefit of electronic and classroom teaching in pharmacology.

Measuring and interpreting X-ray fluorescence from planetary surfaces. As part of a comprehensive study of X-ray emission from planetary surfaces and in particular the planet Mercury, we have measured fluorescent radiation from a number of planetary analog rock samples using monochromatized synchrotron radiation provided by the BESSY II electron storage ring.

The experiments were carried out using a purpose built X-ray fluorescence XRF spectrometer chamber developed by the Physikalisch- Technische Bundesanstalt, Germany's national metrology institute. The XRF instrumentation is absolutely calibrated and allows for reference-free quantitation of rock sample composition, taking into account secondary photon- and electron-induced enhancement effects.

The fluorescence data, in turn, have been used to validate a planetary fluorescence simulation tool based on the GEANT4 transport code. This simulation can be used as a mission analysis tool to predict the time-dependent orbital XRF spectral distributions from planetary surfaces throughout the mapping phase. To monitor the stability, two custom-made ultra-precise high-voltage dividers were developed and built in cooperation with the German national metrology institute Physikalisch- Technische Bundesanstalt PTB. Until now, regular absolute calibration of the voltage dividers required bringing the equipment to the specialised metrology laboratory.

This result demonstrates the utility of the calibration method, as well as the long-term stability of the voltage divider. In Anbetracht der langen Historie der Medizintechnik ist sie jedoch eine sehr junge Disziplin.

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Stereo particle image velocimetry set up for measurements in the wake of scaled wind turbines. The stereo PIV instrumentation was set up to survey the three velocity components on cross-flow planes at different longitudinal locations. The area of investigation covered the entire extent of the wind turbines wake that was scanned by the use of two separate traversing systems for both the laser and the cameras.

Such instrumentation set up enabled to gain rapidly high quality results suitable to characterise the behaviour of the flow field in the wake of the scaled wind turbine. This would be very useful for the evaluation of the performance of wind farm control methodologies based on wake redirection and for the validation of CFD tools. It is used for both academic purposes in university courses as well as for providing Very Long Baseline Interferometry VLBI analysis results to the geodetic community.

Written in a modular structure in Matlab, VieVS offers easy access to the source code and the possibility to adapt the programs for particular purposes. The new version 3. This paper discusses the influence of the different differential thermocouples used for the measurement of the Seebeck coefficients. Documentation for the web server itself can be found by accessing the manual if the apache2-doc package was installed on this server. The configuration layout for an Apache2 web server installation on Ubuntu systems is as follows:. This is different to previous releases which provides better security out of the box.

Please use the ubuntu-bug tool to report bugs in the Apache2 package with Ubuntu. However, check existing bug reports before reporting a new bug. Please report bugs specific to modules such as PHP and others to respective packages, not to the web server itself. Martin Nicholas Kunz] [Aug]. Provide feedback about this page.

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